9 Weeks

Yesterday we had our 9 week appointment with my Obgyn. We had a sono first and got to see our little baby wiggling around in there and heard the heartbeat it was the most amazing sound I have ever heard. Baby is measuring perfectly for how far along I am and they say everything looks good! I go back at 12 weeks for another sono and the big to do of labs and a pap smear and internal exam all that good stuff. So far I’m loving my Ob office they seem really on top of my care and answered all the questions I had even the silly ones and took me really seriously which I appreciate. We decided to opt out of the genetic blood tests that seem to have become really popular lately, honestly I think most people do them so they can find out the gender for sure super early. No judgement here we had originally planned on doing it and finding out the gender was definitely one of the reasons. What happened was we started discussing what would happen if we ended up getting results that showed an increased risk for any of the genetic issues that it tests for and neither one of us is comfortable with the invasive follow up tests they would want to do to confirm the results like an amnio or cvs that can put the baby at risk. Also we found when reading the pamphlets they gave us that we are at an increased risk for getting wonky or unreadable results due to the fact that I’m on the blood thinner lovenox so we really don’t want to put ourselves through the potential stress and worry. We are going the route of ignorance being bliss. Therefore we will just have to be patient and wait to find out the sex of the baby at one of our ultrasounds. We have friends and family who found out they were having boys at there 12 week ultrasounds, I think with girls its harder to tell that early for sure so if they don’t obviously see boy parts they don’t say it’s a girl they wait until a later ultrasound to confirm. If they can’t see the gender at 12 weeks we will be going back for another sono at 16 weeks to check my cervix length because about 6 years ago I had a small procedure called a leep and it can effect your cervix during pregnancy so they are going to keep an extra close eye on me which I’m so grateful for and also getting to see the baby more is a bonus! I can’t believe how much the baby grew from 7 weeks to 9 weeks it looks like a little gummy bear now instead of a peanut and by 12 weeks it will fully look like a little baby which is insanely exciting! It’s all still pretty surreal but everyday that our little baby continues to happily grow in my belly is a complete miracle and blessing and I’m looking forward to experiencing every little milestone along the way!

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