6 weeks and symptoms

I am in my 6th week right now and we are still a full week away from our first ultrasound! I should be 7 weeks 4 days next Friday when we go in, I told my husband I don’t know why they are treating me like a normal pregnant person and not seeing me for my first ultrasound until almost 8 weeks and then they said after the appointment if everything looks good ( fingers crossed) they are releasing me to my OBGYN! Everywhere else I have read women who do IVF get a sonogram every week of pregnancy starting at 6 weeks and then aren’t released to there OB until closer to 10 weeks. That would be my only issue with this new place, I don’t think the post positive pregnancy test care is quite as thorough as other reproductive endocrinologists. I think the reason for weekly ultrasounds most places is to ease the patients anxieties which I totally get because I’m definitely anxious to see if there is really a baby OR TWO in there and I’m having to wait what feels like forever! I just keep telling myself the longer we wait the bigger the baby or babies will be when we finally get to see them. That’s another thing I still don’t know if I’m pregnant with TWINS or NOT, kind of a big deal. Right now my husband and I talk like there are two in there, we decided to assume it’s twins because we would hate for one to feel left out if we were talking like there was only one baby in there and there actually happened to be two. I know it sounds silly I guess I’m already feeling mommy guilt about everything being fair for them and feeling equally loved which is hilarious but hormones are crazy. Speaking of hormones!

Symptom round up for week 6 includes
-Increasingly sore breasts
-increased nausea ALL THE TIME
-Actually vomiting twice (strictly bile each time)once in the morning and once at night on separate days
-tired during the day
-insomnia at night ( tossing and turning)
-vivid dreams, Last night included eating cheese plates with my cousin while watching a play of Peter Pan, bizarre stuff.
-general weepyness, crying over seeing animals taht need to be adopted or hearing a sad song on the radio or just because I have a lump in my throat I don’t really need a reason.

So it seems all of my symptoms are pointing to a real pregnancy that is actually growing and progressing. We are staying positive and hopeful, so far we have no reason not to. I have had a few moments of anxiety simply because we have yet to have our ultrasound to confirm anything but I am usually able to come out of it fairly quickly by talking it out and also by reminding myself that being anxious or fearful won’t change the outcome of this but it can rob me of the joy and excitement of this time and I don’t want that. One more week to go before we know if we are having one or two babies! This is the most excited and hopeful we have ever been, our families love, support, and prayers have carried us through to this point and will continue to do so. I can’t help but feel like my angels, my Aunt and my cousin, are playing a huge part in the peace I’m feeling this time around. I know they are looking out for me and my babies and whenever get sad thinking that they will never get to meet them I remind myself that I truly believe that our loved ones up above hold on to our babies until they are ready to be sent to us. I just know that my sweet angels were the first ones to hold my babies and keep them safe for me and for that I’m so grateful. Both my Aunt and my cousin shared the middle name Marie, a family name on my mom’s side. My husband and I have already decided that if we are blessed with a daughter her middle name will be Marie and she will know all about the wonderful strong women she was named after.

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