They made me wait until after 2pm again today I was getting SO anxious waiting to hear my second beta.
2nd BETA: 842
The nurse said it was almost a perfect doubling from the first beta number and I’m cleared to continue my crinone and schedule my first OB ultrasound sometime during my 7th week of pregnancy, so in about 2 weeks. We are so thrilled! I still feel like we are holding our breathe a little until we hit each milestone but so far we have had nothing but good news and so I’m going to try enjoy that and of course focus on the positive. I’m still kind of feeling like,” is this real life?” I think it will become more real to us after the ultrasound but I have a feeling that’s how most people feel. For now I’m going to take it easy, keep trying to get all my nutrients even if that includes a cheeseburger here or there, do a little walking everyday to keep moving, and just keep praying that everything continues to go as well as it has so far!

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