Buns in the Oven

We drove through a blizzard to get to our day 3 transfer. I cannot praise my husband enough for his superior driving skills and patience to get us to where we needed to be! Imagine my surprise when we got there and they said BOTH our embryos were great quality! We have NEVER heard that before at any previous transfer, in fact most of our other clinics were really vague about the grading or cell count of the embryos they were putting back. This time they explained everything perfectly. One embryo was 8 cells with little to no fragmentation and the other was 6 cells with little to no fragmentation. The doctor doing the transfer said the cell counts were right where they needed to be for day 3 and the lack of fragmentation made them great quality! He even said if we hadn’t done so many previous cycles they might have insisted that we only put back the 8 cell embryo and try to watch the 6 cell until day 5 and freeze but since this isn’t our first, second, or even third go around he said putting back both would be fine as long as we were okay with the chance of twins, which we definitely are now. He did say it was pretty amazing and unusual to only get 2 eggs at retrieval and end up with two good quality embryos to put back.

I’m doing a few things different this time post transfer, just silly myths I’ve read from other bloggers and fertility websites but hey it can’t hurt!

-SOCKS AND SLIPPERS, I have been wearing socks and slippers 24/7 since transfer, I have even been wearing socks to bed which is WAY out of the norm for me, even in winter I like bare feet, Supposedly this keeps your blood from going to your extremities to keep them warm so it stays in your core and helps the embryos implant.

-PINEAPPLE, this one is actually kind of proven, it hasn’t been hard for me to do because I was actually eating pineapple everyday for a month before this as part of a new diet plan I’m on so it’s really just a continuation of that. I am wondering if there’s a point when I should stop eating it? Does anyone know if it becomes a detriment at a certain point in the cycle, I’m eating about a cup a day, core and meat, usually mixed with cottage cheese for some protein, such a great snack!

-BED REST, I know there are pretty much two camps on this,the doctors say there is no need for it and go on with life as normal but I’ve done that the other times and obviously it didn’t work so this time I’m trying out the bed rest camp.I spent 3 solid days being lazy watching Netflix and having my husband wait on me hand and foot and it was lovely. Today I’m back to the grind of cooking and cleaning and laundry but I’m taking breaks to rest and trying not to lift anything heavy.

At this point I’m trying to stay busy until my blood test on the 22nd and hope times goes by fast. We are thrilled with the outcome of the cycle so far and so hopeful that these buns currently in my oven are going to bake for a full nine months!

PS. loyal readers and commentator’s I know my comments section isn’t showing comments right now but I can see them all and I read every single one and SO appreciate them ALL. I need to get tech support AKA my husband to figure out why they aren’t showing so hopefully that will be fixed soon! Thank you again for all your support!

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