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Great news! They think there are 4 mature follicles and I’m doing my HCG shot tonight and having my retrieval first thing Monday morning! My HCG shot will be the last of my shots this cycle and I’m super excited to be done poking myself multiple times a day with a needle. Next step, bring on the suppository progesterone! I know 4 follicles isn’t a big number but when it’s double what you started with it’s pretty great news. I’m definitely feeling better going into the retrieval. We are supposed to be doing PGS( genetic testing) with our embryos but I went onto my portal and they already have an appointment scheduled for me for a day 3 transfer and then a follow up pregnancy test 14 days after that. I think they are just anticipating that even if we get 4 eggs that may not equate to 4 embryos so maybe not enough to send out for testing? Obviously we will do whatever the Doctor thinks is best and if that’s a day 3 transfer then that is what we will do. I was pretty opposed to transferring more than one embryo when we started talking about doing this again, naturally due to my previous failures and potential lack of freezable embryos I’m anticipating they will suggest transferring 2 back if we have that many on day 3 to transfer. I’m surprisingly okay with that, I don’t think my chances of ending up with twins are very high. We will see what kind of quality embryos we end up with. Twins really freaked me out when I first started thinking about trying to get pregnant again and it’s something that you really have to take into consideration when your doing fertility treatments. We know at least 3 couples personally who have twins from IVF cycles. One set was born at just after 28 weeks gestation and while they are happy and healthy now it was a very long and scary NICU stay for them. Ideally we would love to have two kids in the long run if it’s possible, so having two at once could be a big blessing especially after how long we have waited. We have a lot of close family to help and support us so I do think we could handle the needs of twins. What is more scary for me to think about is worrying how my body would handle growing not just one but two babies, if it comes to it I would definitely be up to the challenge! I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself with thinking about the potential outcome of this cycle but that’s kind of impossible. I think instead of being cautiously optimistic, I’m going to just go ahead and let myself be fully optimistic, screw caution. I’m feeling excited about the retrieval and possible transfer and whatever comes after that!

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  1. I hope the retrieval went well and then you have some lovely embryos growing now! Yea I’ve always done transfers with two embryos when we had enough. I had concerns like you since twin pregnancies are harder and it can cause more health problems for the babies but I think for poor responders who don’t end up with many embryos anyway the risk of twins is minimal. And then I always think that two babies would be better than no kids at all! Best of luck over the next few days!

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