What a day what a day! I was restless last night I barely got 6 hours of sleep. I decided not to do ANY home pregnancy tests at all before my blood test today. I was completely clueless as to what the outcome would be. My clinic made me wait until after 2 O’Clock before they called me with the results. My HCG is 425 and my progesterone is 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in complete shock when I heard that first number. Never in any previous cycle have we had numbers like that at our first beta. I’m so happy, this feels like it’s really it, like we are going to be bringing a baby (OR 2!) home with us in October. It feels like a miracle, I’m floating on cloud 9 right now and my husband’s reaction was the sweetest thing, I’ve never seen him so emotional, we have been waiting so very long for such good news. I’m going to do a little symptom round up so I don’t forget what I’m feeling!

My biggest symptom so far has been tiredness, I’ve been napping once a day the last few days and not really voluntary naps more like falling asleep on the couch watching TV but I have just noticed overall I’m more tired.
Sore boobs, I felt like my boobs were much more sore right after retrieval but they still feel heavy and tender right now.
Nausea, I know it’s early but I’ve definitely felt little waves of nausea here and there the past few days.
Bad taste in my mouth, not sure if this is really a symptom but i have taken a few bites of different fruits or foods the past few days and they haven’t tasted right, I ate a few strawberries this morning and they almost tasted bitter I only had 3 before I said I can’t do this anymore.

I go back Friday for another HCG and progesterone and I’m praying for a nice doubling number to get me through until my first ultrasound!!!!! I feel so grateful and lucky that we got good news today I’m hoping it continues!!!!!

Buns in the Oven

We drove through a blizzard to get to our day 3 transfer. I cannot praise my husband enough for his superior driving skills and patience to get us to where we needed to be! Imagine my surprise when we got there and they said BOTH our embryos were great quality! We have NEVER heard that before at any previous transfer, in fact most of our other clinics were really vague about the grading or cell count of the embryos they were putting back. This time they explained everything perfectly. One embryo was 8 cells with little to no fragmentation and the other was 6 cells with little to no fragmentation. The doctor doing the transfer said the cell counts were right where they needed to be for day 3 and the lack of fragmentation made them great quality! He even said if we hadn’t done so many previous cycles they might have insisted that we only put back the 8 cell embryo and try to watch the 6 cell until day 5 and freeze but since this isn’t our first, second, or even third go around he said putting back both would be fine as long as we were okay with the chance of twins, which we definitely are now. He did say it was pretty amazing and unusual to only get 2 eggs at retrieval and end up with two good quality embryos to put back.

I’m doing a few things different this time post transfer, just silly myths I’ve read from other bloggers and fertility websites but hey it can’t hurt!

-SOCKS AND SLIPPERS, I have been wearing socks and slippers 24/7 since transfer, I have even been wearing socks to bed which is WAY out of the norm for me, even in winter I like bare feet, Supposedly this keeps your blood from going to your extremities to keep them warm so it stays in your core and helps the embryos implant.

-PINEAPPLE, this one is actually kind of proven, it hasn’t been hard for me to do because I was actually eating pineapple everyday for a month before this as part of a new diet plan I’m on so it’s really just a continuation of that. I am wondering if there’s a point when I should stop eating it? Does anyone know if it becomes a detriment at a certain point in the cycle, I’m eating about a cup a day, core and meat, usually mixed with cottage cheese for some protein, such a great snack!

-BED REST, I know there are pretty much two camps on this,the doctors say there is no need for it and go on with life as normal but I’ve done that the other times and obviously it didn’t work so this time I’m trying out the bed rest camp.I spent 3 solid days being lazy watching Netflix and having my husband wait on me hand and foot and it was lovely. Today I’m back to the grind of cooking and cleaning and laundry but I’m taking breaks to rest and trying not to lift anything heavy.

At this point I’m trying to stay busy until my blood test on the 22nd and hope times goes by fast. We are thrilled with the outcome of the cycle so far and so hopeful that these buns currently in my oven are going to bake for a full nine months!

PS. loyal readers and commentator’s I know my comments section isn’t showing comments right now but I can see them all and I read every single one and SO appreciate them ALL. I need to get tech support AKA my husband to figure out why they aren’t showing so hopefully that will be fixed soon! Thank you again for all your support!


The retrieval went great, we ended up getting TWO eggs from my four mature follicles. The doctor who did the retrieval actually said she thinks one of the follicles was a cyst because of the fluid she pulled from it, so technically getting 2 eggs from 3 follies is a normal ratio because apparently there’s usually eggs in 80% of follicles. I cannot sing the praises of our new clinic and doctor enough they are so compassionate and truly care about the outcomes for every single couple they work with and it just shows in every interaction we have had with them from the beginning. The doctor who did the retrieval came and sat with us after and explained that she went into each follicle more than once to make sure she got everything she could for us. She asked us sincerely about our plans moving forward and said she was glad we seemed to be in a good place emotionally even though our outcome was less than normal, we were prepared for it and expecting it. We ended up joking and laughing our way through the morning and I think nurses were expecting us to be more upset with our outcome but there is a kind of peace that has settled over us this cycle that has helped us feel less anxious about the things we have no control over. what a relief it is to not feel so desperate. My hubby kept my spirits high all morning even in my moments of of doubt and took wonderful care of me the rest of the day as my anesthesia grogginess wore off. I am crampy and have a full feeling in my abdomen but I don’t have anywhere near as much pain as I remember having after my last retrieval which is really great. I got the call with the fertilization report this morning and both eggs successfully fertilized so we couldn’t be happier. We will get another call tomorrow with a progress report on how they are growing and let us know if we are going to do a day 3 or day 5 transfer. We are fairly certain we will be a day 3 transfer as the clinic prefers to do day 3. So our PGS( genetic testing) is officially cancelled and we are looking at doing a day 3 transfer of hopefully 2 embryos. My prep for the transfer is simple just once a day vaginal suppository crinone( progeserone) the one surprise is that the doctor doesn’t want me to do lovenox shots he doesn’t think they are necessary and I have literally done them every cycle and pregnancy up to this point so I was nervous but then I said to myself why am I anxious about not doing something that hasn’t worked every other time! So once I thought about it that way I was fine with it and happy not to have to do anymore shots.
I’m excited for our progress report tomorrow and to get a firm day and time for our transfer. Until then I am snuggling with my parent’s dog and taking it easy whatever happens from here on out is out of our hands I’m just going to take care of myself and leave the rest up to God.

Shots shots shots

Great news! They think there are 4 mature follicles and I’m doing my HCG shot tonight and having my retrieval first thing Monday morning! My HCG shot will be the last of my shots this cycle and I’m super excited to be done poking myself multiple times a day with a needle. Next step, bring on the suppository progesterone! I know 4 follicles isn’t a big number but when it’s double what you started with it’s pretty great news. I’m definitely feeling better going into the retrieval. We are supposed to be doing PGS( genetic testing) with our embryos but I went onto my portal and they already have an appointment scheduled for me for a day 3 transfer and then a follow up pregnancy test 14 days after that. I think they are just anticipating that even if we get 4 eggs that may not equate to 4 embryos so maybe not enough to send out for testing? Obviously we will do whatever the Doctor thinks is best and if that’s a day 3 transfer then that is what we will do. I was pretty opposed to transferring more than one embryo when we started talking about doing this again, naturally due to my previous failures and potential lack of freezable embryos I’m anticipating they will suggest transferring 2 back if we have that many on day 3 to transfer. I’m surprisingly okay with that, I don’t think my chances of ending up with twins are very high. We will see what kind of quality embryos we end up with. Twins really freaked me out when I first started thinking about trying to get pregnant again and it’s something that you really have to take into consideration when your doing fertility treatments. We know at least 3 couples personally who have twins from IVF cycles. One set was born at just after 28 weeks gestation and while they are happy and healthy now it was a very long and scary NICU stay for them. Ideally we would love to have two kids in the long run if it’s possible, so having two at once could be a big blessing especially after how long we have waited. We have a lot of close family to help and support us so I do think we could handle the needs of twins. What is more scary for me to think about is worrying how my body would handle growing not just one but two babies, if it comes to it I would definitely be up to the challenge! I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself with thinking about the potential outcome of this cycle but that’s kind of impossible. I think instead of being cautiously optimistic, I’m going to just go ahead and let myself be fully optimistic, screw caution. I’m feeling excited about the retrieval and possible transfer and whatever comes after that!