Day one

Today I start my first lupron shot of this cycle! So grateful for my hubby who took off work to drive me through a snow storm to get to my blood work and ultrasound appointment. Everything was pretty basic except at this new clinic I was supposed to print off my own blood work lab script and bring it with me because this is a satellite office of the main clinic. I’ve never had to do that before and even though the nurse told me about it it was weeks ago and since then I had to deal with getting meds delivered and it completely slipped my mind. My nurse was at the main office today and the receptionist at the office basically said too bad this is your problem not ours. So my extremely patient husband drove me after after the ultrasound to print the script then took me back out to a lab a little closer to us to get my blood draw. I was a crying the whole way home in the car from the ultrasound a mixture of wacked out hormones from being on and off the birth control pill this week and guilt that my husband had to miss work to drive me around like miss daisy because the weather was bad and apparently i was emotionally too fragile. Once we got home for good he stayed with me and worked from home to keep me company and I ended up taking a much needed nap to reset. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that he was so patient and sensitive to what I know was a complete overreaction. He was truly been a man of his word and put me and this cycle and doctors appointments ahead of anything else. I feel so supported by him and like we are really in it together this time. It feels really wonderful and I’m very grateful for my husband who knew exactly what I needed today and didn’t hesitate to put me first.

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