Busy week

I spent the entire week after Christmas trying to get all of my previous cycle records to my new clinic so I can get insurance clearance for our January cycle. As the reports came in I reviewed them and I started to feel sad looking back at the dates and how long ago they were and how young and naive I was when I was going through those cycles, blindly trusting the doctors simply because they were doctors. I felt far more emotional than I would have thought but apparently I still have some healing to do from those past failed cycles. Hopefully I can clear some of that negativity before I start this new cycle.

I spoke with my nurse and we are going to be doing a microdose lupron flare cycle which I have never done before so I’m relieved to be trying something different. It also means lower doses of lupron which I’m happy about because I think the side effects of that drug are some of my least favorite so less is better! I’m starting to get antsy and anxious to start this cycle. Looking at my records today I realized I haven’t had an egg retrieval since 2014 which is a really long time! So with the new protocol and it having been so long since our last cycle I’m really interested to see how I respond to stims this time and see how we do overall. I’m ready to get the show on the road!

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  1. yeah I also feel sad when I think back at all I’ve been through and how hopeful I was each time, so I can relate to you feeling upset going over your medical records. I hope you will respond really well to this new protocol. It sounds like your new doctor is really good and caring which is so important. Wishing you so much luck and strength over the next few weeks!

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