Update with the Dr.

Today we had our meeting with the Dr. to go over all the blood work he did and go over our options and make a plan. He is still Dr. Wonderful as far as hubby and I are concerned. He is very open, he has a big heart, and his honesty is totally refreshing. He really seems to understand that we have already been through so much and he genuinely doesn’t want to put us through any unnecessary stress or heartbreak. He said the updated blood and sono don’t show anything surprising they all point to me having an egg issue of quantity and quality. He outlined our options as follows.

A: Stop any and all treatments and adopt.

B: Try a micro lupron stimulation IVF cycle

C: Use donor eggs

I already started the pill at the beginning of my last cycle in preparation for a January IVF cycle and retrieval and so we are moving ahead with option B and trying the Micro lupron cycle. It is a type of stimulation that we haven’t tried before so fingers crossed I respond well to it! He did say that if I don’t respond well and it doesn’t look like we will get more than a few eggs he may cancel the cycle so be prepared for it to be a kind of fluid cycle where things can change depending on progress. If all goes well and we get a enough eggs and make some embryos depending on how they grow and how many we will either do a day 3 fresh transfer, so I will be on progesterone post retrieval just in case or we will let them grow to blastocysts freeze and do PGS then a subsequent FET. We are hopeful that even if we don’t get enough eggs and embryos to try to grow to blasts that we at least get enough to put back one or two on day 3 and complete the cycle beginning to end.

We talked to him about Cousin A and how if our January IVF cycle doesn’t pan out or ends up with negative results that we would be ready to move on to donor eggs. He suggested that we schedule a sit down informational appointment with him and all of us so he can give her the down low on the actual process and whats involved. He thinks it would be a good idea to do this in the next couple of weeks so that she has plenty of time to think it over once she has all the information and doesn’t feel any type of pressure or obligation to go through with it. We told him if she changes her mind which could very well happen then we would be willing to use frozen eggs from the company that our office works with and try that way. He said either way our chances of getting pregnant and ending up with a baby using donor eggs are very good and he said just think of it this way if you use your cousins eggs or you use frozen donor eggs your going to be okay. It was a really nice and calming thing for him to say and I really took it to heart. Whatever ends up happening we are going to end up with a baby and it’s going to be the baby we were meant to have and we are going to love them unconditionally and we are all going to be okay.

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4 thoughts on “Update with the Dr.”

  1. I’ve just been catching up. That is so lovely of your cousin to offer her eggs! It would be so great to have some connection to your aunt and her. The fact that she is so young means she would probably respond well to the meds, though I suppose there is never any guarantee. But it is a wonderful plan B to have. I’m wishing that you will respond will to the new protocol in January and hopefully get some good quality eggs! Eat lots of avocados and olive oil in the meantime (http://www.medicaldaily.com/eating-avocados-more-triples-ivf-pregnancy-success-rate-241240)
    Hoping you have a lovely Christmas season

  2. I’m so happy for you that things are coming together so nicely. It’s a great feeling to have a plan and to be able to clearly see the path to your dream. Also rare and wonderful to find a compassionate and competent doctor. Good for you! I’m looking forward to lots of happy updates. Here’s to 2017 being your year!

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